Ski gear for children

Picture courtesy of Snow and Rock

I promise the next post will not be snow-related and I will write about somewhere sunny and warm, but with all the talk of snow today I can’t help but be excited.

I’ve just finished off a gallery of some great kids’ ski gear for Parentdish UK but in the meantime here are my top tips about buying ski gear for children.

* Kids grow quickly – if you can borrow gear from friends or family, then do.

* Snowsuits are usually warmer than a salopettes and ski jacket combo, but they are harder to get off for toilet stops and your child is likely to get less year-round wear out of it.

* Proper snowboots are vital, even for babies. The first time I took Toby to a ski resort he was in wellies and two pairs of thick socks but cried inconsolably because his feet were cold.

* Ditto proper ski gloves or mittens. Mittens are usually warmer but gloves usually better for older children who are expected to do up their own zips etc. Thermal underwear is also essential in the colder months.

* Consider sewing gloves and mittens onto elastic to thread through their sleeves, even if your children seem a bit old for it. Having to ski down from the top of a slope when you have dropped your glove off the chair lift can just be unpleasant or can really hurt, depending on how cold it is.

* When buying a ski jacket, make sure it has a ski-pass pocket on the sleeve if you are planning to go to a resort with a no-touch lift system. If the pass is in a smaller child’s trouser pocket it will probably be too low to be detected by the gate.

* Buy a neckwarmer rather than a scarf as it can’t fall off.

* Even babies need sunglasses or goggles with a good UV rating – the glare of the sun off the snow can be very strong.

* Don’t forget to put suncream in your children’s pockets as well as on any exposed skin, even on an overcast day.

I buy most of the kids’ ski gear at the end of the ski season in the sales or at H&MDecathlon is also very reasonably priced. For higher-end gear, Snow and Rock probably has the best selection. If you have any other suggestions of where and what to buy, please do let me know.

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