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We are doing our first home swap later this year – swapping our gite for an apartment in Spain. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this before – which is why when home swap community Knok got in touch and asked me to write about why people should visit our local city of Toulouse, I thought it sounded like a great idea. Here’s what I wrote on their site – beneath is what they wrote on mine.

Do you have a dream holiday destination you are longing to travel to but the thought of the state of your bank account after the trip hinders this dream of ever eventuating? Or could it simply be the thought of organising a holiday exhausts you before even picking up a brochure? If so Knok, a new generation home swap community is the solution for you! With thousands of homes in over 159 countries it is the perfect platform for families to enjoy new experiences from the comforts of a real home.

Imagine travelling all over the world where your children have access to toys, you have your own personal kitchen, your own personal laundry appliances and your own personal lounge area to relax and enjoy those special moments with your family after a long day of exploring a new culture.

It is no secret that travelling can be very stressful to ones bank account, Knok wishes to alleviate such stress and strongly believes that families are able to have new enjoyable experiences without having to worry about accommodation expenses. One of the best advantages of Knok is that no matter how many times you engage in a home swap, a full year’s membership is cheaper than one night’s accommodation at a hotel…inclusive of home insurance! What makes this even better is that with all the money you save from accommodation expenses you are able to reinvest back into the holiday itself, visiting attractions or restaurants you may not have been able to experience before making your holiday all the more memorable.

Travelling with children can be a very tiring task, but it doesn’t have to be- it is possible for mothers to also have a relaxing, enjoyable holiday! Home Exchange for your next holiday and enjoy the comforts of your “home away from home” whilst experiencing an exciting new culture.

This guest post was written by Penelope H. who works for Knok, a new generations ‘home swap’ platform that enables people to find the best home exchange for their holidays.

About catherinecooper

Journalist and author specialising in travel with children. I write for several national publications and am author of Travelling with Children: A Parent's Guide. You can see some of my articles at www.catherinecooper.net
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1 Response to Home swaps

  1. ja109 says:

    Really interesting article – I keep thinking about doing a house swap as we have got a baby and toddler. I will check out knok.

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