Chateau de Bridoire

ImageWe dragged the kids away from their ever-growing posse of little mates this morning to visit another chateau and escape the heat. While the chateaux around here are undeniably beautiful, normally one is pretty much like another.

But I thought I’d mention this one – Chateau de Bridoire – as they have done things a bit differently, making it absolutely brilliant to visit with kids. The chateau apparently fell into disrepair in the 1970s, then some kind of campaign group made the French state buy it and start renovating it, and then for some reason I’m not entirely sure about, it was sold to a private couple in 2011 who continue to renovate it.

So at the moment, it is a work in progress. Some rooms are done,others aren’t, but you can peek in at the ones which aren’t which is particularly fascinating when you have just finished your own renovation.

ImageHowever, as far as the kids were concerned, the best thing about it was the many old-fashioned games in the shady garden and dotted around the house. Such a simple idea, and such a brilliant one. Livi loved it so much she wants to go back on Friday, when it is her birthday and so she gets to decide what we do, to try out the maze we didn’t have time for today.

After the castle we went to the Bastide of Eymet for lunch and played spot the Brit (clue – just about everyone) and then to a brilliant lake a Lougratte where the kids were allowed out for the first time ever on their own in a pedalo – after a pre-emptive warning that any dangerous behaviour would result in pretty much no privileges or treats ever again. Image

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