How do you choose where to go on holiday?

ImageWith the children back at school and the days already cooling down, I am already starting to think about what we should do next summer. Because my husband and I are both freelance, we never know how much work/money we are going to have by the summer, so tend to generally leave booking holidays to the last minute. But obviously this can limit the choice or make things expensive, so it isn’t ideal.

So maybe this year, we will start earlier, and research things properly. Because as a travel writer I am lucky enough to be inundated with press release about fabulous places, I often have a fairly good idea about places and holiday resorts I’d like to visit before I even start looking. If I have a particular destination in mind, I will use holiday comparison sites such as Ice Lolly, Expedia and to see what kind of deals are on offer.

I will pretty much never book anywhere without checking out the reviews on Tripadvisor. It goes without saying you have to be a bit circumspect about it – it’s sometimes difficult to know who has written the reviews (although I know they do vet fairly carefully) and, however fantastic a place is, there will pretty much always be someone who hated it. Plus the reviewers may have very different tastes to you but even so, the site will usually give you a good steer, plus some tips of places to go while you are away (if you decide to book.)

It’s also sometimes worth doing a Google search for images of the place you are planning to go – sometimes you will find ones that holiday makers themselves, which can sometimes be more revealing than the glossy brochure ones.

Of course, all this takes time. In some ways, perhaps it was maybe easier and more exciting when booking a holiday meant leafing through a stack of brochures at your kitchen table.

How do you choose your holiday?

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3 Responses to How do you choose where to go on holiday?

  1. nylonliving says:

    Our choices are based on if we go with friends or if the kids read about something and really want to see it. E.g., they loved reading the children’s book Olivia in Venice and so we took them to see Venice.

  2. That sounds lovely nylonliving – your children are very lucky! Are there any other places you have been because your children have read about it?

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