Not-for-Parents by Lonely Planet

nfp-real-wonders-of-the-world-1 Lonely Planet has recently sent me a couple of really nice books I wanted to share as they’d make fab Christmas presents for children aged about eight to 12.

The Real Wonders of the World is perfect for any child who usually gets a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records in his or her stocking, or those that like to shout facts and figures about random things at you from the back on the car or while you are on the loo. It’s packed with details of everything from huge buildings and enormous bridges to the weirdest shops and largest sweet shops and the scariest roller coasters. There are also details of places like Fort Knox, the Terracotta Army and Death Valley, the hottest place in the world. Expect your child you come back to you with some holiday destination ideas after reading this.

????????How to be a Dinosaur Hunter is divided into sections so that it could just as easily be used as a reference book for a school project as a bedtime reading book to dip in and out of. It’s also packed with facts and figures about dinodaures and there’s even a section about how to look for fossils and how to deal with them once you find them.

Both books are beautifully and accessibily laid out with great illustrations and photos and strike the perfect balance between presenting information in an accessible and interesting way without being remotely patronising or boring.

Highly recommended.

The Real Wonders of the World is now on sale RRP £14.99 and How to be a Dinosaur Hunter priced £12.99

Disclosure: Both books were sent to me for review by Lonely Planet

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