Ski gear for kids


Hooray it is nearly the ski season! I am so excited, having had my last season cut short by, um, breaking my leg in St Anton at the end of January. I wrote this review in bed while waiting to be flown home. True pro or what?

The kids have grown a lot since last year so I’ve had to buy them new kit. Luckily we have a Decathlon nearby, which is good for inexpensive gear for just about every sport including skiing, but I remember finding reasonably-priced ski gear in London much harder (although H&M and TK Maxx were and still are good starting points.)

So I was interested to hear that this year Aldi will have ski gear in its shops starting December 5 at some amazing prices. My favourite item is the musical earmuffs (pictured above) which costs £6.99 and would make a brilliant stocking filler for almost any child whether they ski or not. Other items which looked like they were particularly good value to me were the baby snowsuit (£9.99), children’s snow boots (£8.99) and two way radios (£24.99) which are brilliantly handy if your child is likely to race off down a slope without you (or fall over behind you without you noticing.)

There are also adult salopettes from £16.99 and jackets from £19.99 as well as all the peripherals like socks, gloves, thermals and goggles. I should add that I haven’t yet seen any of these items in the flesh so I can’t vouch for their quality, but at prices like this it’s hard to imagine you can go very far wrong. The range is due to arrive in stores on December 5 – I’d get down there early as once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The other product which has caught my eye recently is my favourite sunscreen, P20, which is just about the only sunscreen I can bear to use in the summer. It’s quite oily when it goes on, but it soaks in quickly and then you don’t have to put it on again ALL DAY. There is something about the feel of just about any other suncream on my skin which makes me cringe, especially if I have to put clothes on top for some reason. Anyway, the reason for this post is that P20 have now brought out small bottles which are very portable and so brilliant for skiing – especially if you’ve got kids as you can put it on them in the morning and then forget about it, rather than having to fret about having to reapply it almost every time you get on the chairlift. The RRP of 100ml is £13.23, which might sound like a lot but as you have to reapply it less, I’m not convinced it’s actually any more expensive than traditional cream.

Disclosure – P20 sent me some sun screen to try.

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