Perfect-fitting ski boots


I had a VERY exciting time in London last week – I was invited to go on This Morning to talk about whether I think it is ever OK to talk about taking your children out of school for holidays (I do, along with 88% of This Morning viewers, apparently), met the publisher of my racy Christmas novella, did loads of shopping in the sales (how fabulous are the sales in the UK?) and got my ski boots refitted at Profeet.The latter may not sound particularly exciting, but for the last few years my boots have been getting more and more uncomfortable as my (whispers) *bunions* grew until last year when I finally decided I had had enough and had both feet operated on. So now I have lovely straight but differently-shaped-than-before feet.

I was expecting my ski boots to be much more comfortable at the beginning of this season now that they are bunion-free (oh the glamour!) and while it turned out that the op had helped a little, there were still some days when I felt like slicing my own toes off by the the time the lifts closed as my right foot hurt so much, at least until I got my ski boot off.

You might think you don’t need custom insoles unless you are an expert skier, but that really isn’t the case at all. Quite apart from the added level of comfort they give (which can total change your skiing experience – surely everyone has had a day ruined by badly-fitting hire boots?), they can also improve your balance and energy transmission, and thus, your skiing.

You need to clear the best part of an afternoon to get your boots fitted – appointments are up to two hours long – but this is because Profeet take a mapping scan before moulding the insole to your foot to work out where your pressure points are and how they can be corrected. I was delighted to be told that my original ski boots still had a couple of years’ wear left in them and so the technician stretched the plastic shell to allow more space around the toes that usually feel crushed. It’s well worth the time and money investment – I ski more than many people as I live near the mountains and my boots are still going strong after five years.

So I’m hopeful that between the shell-stretching and the new insoles, I will no longer have to spend every lunchtime trying not to get my socks wet because I’ve had to take my boots off. Watch this space……

Custom insoles by Profeet cost from £159 and ski boots from around £260. Disclosure: my insoles were refitted free of charge.



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  1. Agghh! I missed that This Morning – amazed it’s 88pc of people saying it’s OK…. though I personally think travel is a huge education, kids can learn so much….and great to have one on one time with your family too…

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