Why I love theme parks

November can be a difficult time to take a holiday, can’t it? Even if you ignore the fact that the kids are at school, it’s too cold to go on a beach holiday in Europe and too early to ski in most resorts. There are city breaks of course, but you have to choose and plan carefully if you’re planning to take the kids and don’t want them moaning all the way round the Uffizi, for example.

So if I was planning a family holiday this month, I’d probably go to a theme park. I totally love theme parks – quite possibly even more than the kids do. If I was a man, I’d probably be one of those beardy people in T-shirts who travel the world going of the fastest/highest/longest rollercoasters ( without meaning to be sexist about this, for some reason they do generally seem to be men).

Instead, when the kids were younger I forced them onto rollercoasters around Europe that I was convinced they’d love but generally made Livi cry. My long-suffering husband, who doesn’t share my enthusiasm for theme parks, would stand by patiently as I bawled my eyes out over a Disney Parade or stood in a queue for hours for a ride while I tried toconvince him that we were doing all this for the kids.

For me, there is something totally magical about a theme park. My first trip to Disneyland was when I was 10, travelling in America with my Dad and he insisted that we went on Space Mountain first before the queues built up. I was terrified, but loved it.

When Livi was 3, we went on a press trip to Disneyland, Paris, when all she wanted to do was queue to cuddle the various animals and go round and round on “It’s a Small World.” We all went back a few years later when the most favoured ride was the Buzz Lightyear one where you could shoot things. Now that the kids are bigger, we tend to go from rollercoaster to rollercoaster. It’s brilliant.

I love the costumes and the tackiness but most of all, I love the rides. The children have finally come round to my rollercoaster love and now we can all rave about our favourite ‘coasters (Furious Baco in PortAventura for me, since you ask) and discuss which theme park we’d like to visit next and whether we can persuade Daddy.

It’s a few years since we’ve been out of Europe because now that we live in France it’s often easier (not to mention cheaper) to drive places, but for me, a dream holiday to Orlando with the kids would be a few nights at Walt Disney World and I am SO desperate to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then there’s also Universal Studios, Legoland and several others which obviously we wouldn’t want to miss, being so close by.

Maybe one day…..

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