City breaks with kids: book giveaway

Mission BarcelonaMany parents tend to avoid city breaks once they have children. True, it can seem easier to go somewhere where they can play in the sea all day or sit by a pool and eat ice cream, but many cities have a lot to offer children (and their parents, for that matter), and it seems a shame to give up on them entirely.

Like most travel with kids, getting the most out of a trip is all down to your approach. They probably won’t want to spend as long in the Louvre as you might, for example, and to a small child, one historic church or castle can look much like another.

How often have you heard “Why are we going there?” as you take them off to see visit a museum or monument? Children don’t really seem to understand the concept of visiting something just for the sake of seeing it – they’d rather it had a purpose (or, at the very least, the promise of a gift shop.)

Which is why I think these new Mission Barcelcona/Paris/London/Rome/Washington books are so brilliant. A little bit like the old I-Spy books (remember them?) they give kids very specific items to look out for around the city, and points for everything they spot.

For example. on La Rambla, you get points for human statues, coats of arms on the Canaletes Fountain, and for three different types of animal on the Portaferrissa Fountain. Most of the major sites are included with plenty of things for children to spot and score points for. There are also “anytime missions” such as scoring points for trying unfamiliar food such as patatas bravas or manchego cheese, and extra points for every set of Olympic rings they spot. They can also enter the online photo competition at

I have five kindle/iPad copies of the book to give away. If you’d like one, please leave a comment below indicating which city you’d be most interested in before the end of March. Happy scavenging! 🙂


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3 Responses to City breaks with kids: book giveaway

  1. nylonliving says:

    Great idea! we do city breaks with our kids all the time and find you just have to reach a happy medium between what they want and what you want. Our happy medium usually involves cakes and pastries 🙂 I’d love the Paris book or the Washington book. We’ve been to both cities but it’d be nice to have an activity to do with them. Thanks!

  2. vania lacey says:

    I’m have always avoided city breaks with my kids. I would love the Paris, Barcelona or I fact any one

  3. Thanks ladies – could you please send me your emails (mail AT specifying which books you would like most and I’ll get them sent on to you? Many thanks for your interest, Catherine

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