The best loos in the world?

Alex Andorra

Last weekend we went to Andorra with the kids’ ski club. It’s the second year we’ve done it – and the first time we went I was a little unsure. It’s about 1,000 years since I went on holiday with a big group, and I wasn’t sure it was really going to be for me.

But actually, it was really fun. Toby skied with his group, as we are too slow for him these days, while Livi and her friend skied with us. The sun was out and considering the time of year, the snow was pretty good.

Andorra loos

The most exciting discovery though, was these fabulous toilets. Since moving to France, I’ve become a bit obsessed with public loos as the French ones are usually so grim.

These loos have one-way glass so you can see out and people can’t see in. They also have glass doors which turn opaque when you lock the door (unless you forget to do so, like Livi did.)

We stayed at Hotel Mila, a basic but very friendly hotel where we had a family room and fabulous paella with loads of wine in the evening. We had vouchers for lunch which could be used in several restaurants throughout the resort, and paid only 125 euros each for the entire weekend (a little less for the kids) – only slightly more than a lift pass would have cost had we gone independently.

What’s not to like?

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2 Responses to The best loos in the world?

  1. Sarah says:

    Hahaha – love the fact that you mention the toilets! I love quirky bathrooms, and once stayed in a place where one side of the whole bathroom was enclosed only with a bug net, so you really felt like you were showering, washing, and, aherm, tending to business, in the great outdoors. The only things that could have seen in were any wild creatures – that side of the property overlooked dense jungle. 🙂 I also love, gross as it sounds, old toilet blocks that have been repurposed – if you’e ever looking for a quirky (former) loo in London there are several restaurants within old public amenities. 🙂

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